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Suit Information & Measurements:
~ This suit is brand new
~ Head: the head is out of foam based on a balaclava. Toony folowme eyes with uv active color.
Lot of Airbrush wort sticks in it. He has a moving jaw, that fits most of the sizes and for a batter precision i put 3 padding in different sizes with it.
Head Sizes 21-23 but it’s not a problem to make it fit as good as possible, should you over or under that size.
~ Hand paws: Toony puffy heand paws, padded. Pawpads out of imitation leather. unisize
~ Tail: Aibrushed 3 colore tail. The top is out of form and the rest is filled with foam-flakes so the tail stands a bit up.
~ But it must be clear that the head needs to be adjusted. It was not build for your exact sizes. If you bid you are agreed with that.

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